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Ward Home Services is helping "pick up" the NJ Shore!

Ward Home Services is at the forefront when it comes to house lifting at the NJ Shore. After Sandy, house lifting quickly became the most common renovation needed by homeowners #1, because they flooded and needed to get out of harms way, #2 to meet criteria for their ICC claim or RREM, HMGP grant funding, or #3 to avoid catastrophic flood premiums as result from the “Biggert-Waters Flood Reform Act”.

House Lift Before & After

House Lift Before & After

House Lift Before & After

House Lift Before & After

House Lift Before & After

House Lift Before & After

House Lift Before & After

House Lift Before & After

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House lifting is so much more than just lifting the structure and lowering to a new foundation.

In addition to the significant design/build approach NECESSARY in order to maximize aesthetics, meet local building code & overall functionality the scope of these projects include and are in no way limited to the following:

  • Securing Permits
  • Surveys
  • Elevation Certificates
  • Architectural/Engineering
  • Site Preparation & Design
  • Utility disconnects (gas, electric, phone/cable, water)
  • Freeing the structure from the foundation
  • Foundation repair or demo
  • If Necessary – removal of siding, decks, stairways
  • Helical Piles if necessary
  • Piling or block foundation
  • Foundation access, windows, fire rated standards if applicable

  • How driveways & pavers may be affected or replaced
  • Garages
  • Hurricane strapping
  • HVAC including new AC platform
  • New electrical
  • New plumbing
  • Renovations or repairs
  • New decks/stairs
  • Installing any required flood vents
  • Finishing detail
  • Reconnecting utilities
  • Final certificate of occupancy

These are just some of the main components involved. Our shore environment and high water tables have led to unforeseen occurrences on every lift project we have completed. Having an experienced professional such as Ward Home Services handling all aspects as your advocate is essential.

Ward Home Services is at the forefront when it comes to house elevating at the NJ Shore.

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House Elevating.

Our tremendous team of professionals and tradesmen are well versed & experienced in all aspects of structural lifting, jacking, and house raising. Each house lift is performed using the most recent state of the art unified jacking system, which can help ensure minimal to no stress cracks.


A typical house lift ranges from one day to one week depending on home layout, amount of steel needed & the complexity of prep work involved. Each & every lift is planned out in advance by licensed professionals. Ward Home Services possesses the expertise on individual flood zones & nuances that can affect your ratings. Foundation work can be planned/executed in house to meet all codes & FEMA requirements as well as attention to cosmetic look & design.


Some foundations may be replaced or extended depending on existing conditions. As certified installers of HELICAL PILES, homes that are in V-Zones can be elevated while helical piles are installed underneath without having to slide the home or worse, relocate it. Upon completion a certified pile log is provided to the township & homeowner to have a record of compliance.

Flood Insurance Reform

What is my ABFE?

Click here for more information regarding FEMA guidance/Consulting (ICC, CDBG-DR).

base flood elevation

This calculation is based on information provided in this FEMA Brochure, which includes the graphic shown here. Read More

The flood reform is a nation wide, long term threat already affecting the sale prices of homes located in flood zones (especially A, AE and V zones). Click here to see what flood zone you are in.

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