House Elevating

Raising the Standards ~ Ward Home Services is helping "pick up" the NJ Shore!

Ward Home Services has an established relationship with a LOCAL family owned & operated house lifting company. We provide immediate solutions to our valued customers, clients & neighbors needing to elevate. Our experienced, capable & cost competitive house lifters can provide for a completely turnkey project:

  • Architectural/Engineering/Soil testing Services
  • Consulting Services (FEMA Guidance, ICC claims, community grants)
  • Foundation Services
  • Helical Piles
  • Fully licensed & insured
  • Free & Prompt Estimates
  • Competitive Rates

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Our tremendous team of professionals and tradesmen are well versed & experienced in all aspects of structural lifting, jacking, and house raising. Each house lift is performed using the most recent state of the art unified jacking system, which can help ensure minimal to no stress cracks.

A typical house lift ranges from one day to one week depending on home layout, amount of steel needed & the complexity of prep work involved. Each & every lift is planned out in advance by licensed professionals. Ward Home Services possesses the expertise on individual flood zones & nuances that can affect your ratings. Foundation work can be planned/executed in house to meet all codes & FEMA requirements as well as attention to cosmetic look & design. Some foundations may be replaced or extended depending on existing conditions. As certified installers of HELICAL PILES, homes that are in V-Zones can be elevated while helical piles are installed underneath without having to slide the home or worse, relocate it. Upon completion a certified pile log is provided to the township & homeowner to have a record of compliance.

We are proud to present Ward Home Services as the premier one-stop shop for all aspects of our New Jersey Shore affected by superstorm Sandy & NFIP reform. How can we help you?

  • Custom Modular Homes
  • House Lifting
  • General Contracting
  • Consulting Services (FEMA Guidance, ICC claims, community grants)
  • Hazard Mitigation/Restoration
  • Property Management
  • Fully Licensed & Insured

"Chalk up two more homes on Mystic Island being raised by the wonderful folks at Ward Home Services! –our contracts signed yesterday. These guys are knowledgeable, have taken the time to answer questions - some more than once. They've explained the ICC Process and are even opening the ICC claim to ensure approval before beginning work - protecting us & them. In my book that is great! We've done our shopping around. We've educated ourselves, received many estimates, heard lots of stories from woodbe & fly by night house raisers."–J.Y. (Throttle Joe)

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